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The Boom Show

Sep 12, 2019

**This was previously recorded on The Nasty Girls Podcast**

1. Before you do anything read this article:

2. Follow Morning Chalk up mainly because they are the dopest (also have been fans of us since the beginning).

3. Ok here we go...
Today's episode we are addressing the main tenets found within the above article--should your gym remove the “RX” standard from WODs?


If this gives you the “oh no they didn’t!” vibes then definitely give this spicy episode a listen.

Olivia and Amy, both of whom are seasoned CrossFit coaches and athletes, give their 2 cents on it all. Whether you like this idea or not, there is some definite psychology to wanting to click that RX button at any cost.

We chat about the “should-could” rule, and lastly how NOT to be that guy in the gym. There’s so many ways to get into this and boy do they. If you’re an athlete out there and want to hear some coaches keeping it real, this ones for you!

Stay Nasty.

--Amy & Olivia


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