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The Boom Show

Apr 30, 2020

🤡 Meet The Coach: Jeff Gresko 🤡

The man, the myth...the loudest one.

While he's a bit eccentric, we love the guy. This episode is alllll about his background, how he broke his knee and so many other ridiculous things.

Grab something to drink, this is gonna be good.

Stay healthy,

--your favorite place to...

Apr 16, 2020

Fitness in the digital age isn't a new phenomenon...It's actually been a thing for quite a while.

Coach Amy and Olivia sit down to chat through what it looks like to take your fitness onine.

What are the benefits?

What are the not so awesome pieces of it?

How does your mindset shift everything?

This episode is also...

Apr 9, 2020

Meet The Coach: Jake Thomas

Kris, head coach at our Sunbury location, sits down and chats with Jake, one of our coaches at our Tyrone location.

You'll get to know a bit of background on Jake, how he found CrossFit and what ultimately motivates him to get up and serve our community at Burg!

We love having you on the...

Apr 3, 2020


There's so much chatter about this topic, in general, but Coach Ray and Nicky take a bit of a different perspective on it.

How much -- if at all -- does your mindset shift between working out at home versus inside the gym?

How much do distractions play a part? What does it look like to be able to push beyond...